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Device Object Model

The device model takes an object based approach. There are devices that include one or more services. Like object classes services define actions, variables and also events which can be triggered if a service variable changes.

Although XDOP devices always show one device interface at a time a single physical device may include multiple logical devices. The activated interface can be changed at the connection establishing phase.

The following diagram shows the relations between device interfaces and services. The device objects are described with very compact descriptions, which can be loaded from the device or a web server.

Device Object Model

Device object

The device object represents a unique instance if a specific device type. The main purpose of a device object is the providing of one or more service interfaces. A physical device can implement more than one logical device. The actual used device interface can be selected by a client at the beginning of the connection.

Service object

The service object models a functional unit of a device. Variables can be queried to get a view of the current state. Actions can be invoked to control the device. Besides the polling of the device status also the sending of change events can be activated.


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